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We will drive electric in the future! So, electric charging systems are indispensable for a future-proof construction project. This create new challenges for you as a property developer, architect, or engineering firm. Blink can help you with this.

Blink thinks along with you with its years of experience. Together, we build a customised charging solution for every construction project. We determine the ideal number of charge points, provide technical support, calculate the total cost, and optimise capacity management (smart charging).

And, Blink goes one step further! In addition to installation and commissioning, we think along with you about payment options for consumers or companies and staff reimbursement.

In brief, Blink supports you in the development of charging solutions fully customised to all your construction projects.


Are you looking for a charging solution for your future-proof construction project? Or do you still have questions? Schedule a meeting with one of our EV experts or request a quote right away.