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An HOA parking lot is a parking space shared by several owners or residents of an apartment building or complex. In today’s era of electric vehicles, it is important to provide them with charging infrastructure.

However, implementing charging stations in an HOA parking lot can be a complex process, taking into account the technical, logistical and financial aspects.
Of course, there are still vehicles with internal combustion engines, which means that by no means everyone wants to purchase a charging station (yet).

It is essential that the HOA follows a well-thought-out plan that considers both technical requirements and budgetary implications. In addition, it is important to consider the future needs of residents, to ensure that the charging network can be expanded as more residents switch to electric vehicles.

We support the property administrator in preparing that plan, installing the charging stations and infrastructure, and managing (refund) payments.

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Our offer

Our goal is to provide a reliable, future-proof and scalable charging infrastructure that enables a smooth transition to electric vehicles. By investing in the latest technologies and providing high-quality charging solutions, we strive to integrate sustainability into the core of HOA communities.

Blink invests in the hardware needed to connect multiple charging stations in apartment buildings. From any power increase to connection and maintenance.

We provide our own customer portal and thus guarantee an efficient and correct (refund) payment adapted to each situation (through leasing, through company, private, etc).

Blink becomes energy supplier for only the charging infrastructure within the HOA. This can be done through a separate counter or a completely new connection.

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