Charge your car quickly anywhere and at any time

The ideal product

Blink has a wide assortment of charge points for various applications with numerous additional features.


Blink offers complete technical support and we always offer the ideal solution.


You will always find an ideal complete solution for you or your company in our extensive range of products and services.

Discover our smart home charging solutions

You want to charge your car when it is parked in front of the door or in the garage. So, get to know Blink’s complete solution for smart home charging! This includes a customised subscription, handy tools, and your own charge point.

Installation & Maintenance

Want your own charge point at home? Then we will handle the installation. We take into account the space you have and provide an optimal solution. Afterwards, you can always ask Blink to do the maintenance.

Maintain an overview with Connect@Home

Connect@Home is your portal that you can plug in directly to your home charge point. For example, you can see at a glance how your charging session is progressing, how much you have already charged in a given period, and more.

Charge your charging sessions to your employer

The Blink home charge points measure your consumption when charging at home. This allows the charging sessions to be settled automatically, including to your employer or company. Ask our advisers about the different options. via onze adviseurs.

Fast and easy reimbursement

Discover the options of our reimbursement services and ICT support. Choose smart consumption management for more efficient, safer, and faster charging.