Choose from different charge points

Whether you want to charge at home, at work, or in a public place:
Blink has a wide range of charge points for diverse applications.
Choose from models for one or more chargers with numerous additional features.

Charge anywhere

A good charging solution includes a charging card!

Charge your car quickly anywhere and at any time

Blink’s unique complete solutions makes electric driving more easy than ever for companies and consumers.
Blink can help you whether you need to charge your car at home, at work, or on the road.

At home

Want to charge your car quickly and safely at home? Blink will help you on your way! You have a customised charging card, handy tools, and your own charge point.

On the road

Wherever you are, you will always find a charge point nearby, thanks to the charging cards and Blink’s public network. So, you are always on the move!

At the office

More and more companies are opting to have their own charge points. These are efficient, innovative, and can be combined with favourable arrangements, such as, a split bill between employer and employee.