Charging anywhere and at any time with the Blink charging card.

You can charge wherever and whenever you want with more than 250,000 public charge points throughout Europe. The extensive Blink network makes electric travel easy and ensures optimal interoperability within Europe.

On holiday, a business trip, or a long trip to customers? From now on, you can cover any distance in an electric car.

The Blink charge card provides access to most public charge points. You can use almost all fast chargers (DC) and AC chargers available today. So, you can charge at Blink charge points as well as those of other providers.

With Blink, you can choose between three charging card formulas. See ‘our charging cards’ right away and discover what we have on offer.

Blink Charging EV Charge Card

A customised Blink charging card

With our charging cards, you can charge wherever and whenever you want. So, you can always take to the road worry-free!

Charge anywhere in Europe thanks to Blink

Charge your car quickly anywhere and at any time

At home

Want to charge your car quickly and safely at home? Blink will help you on your way! You have a customised charging card, handy tools, and your own charge point.

On the road

Wherever you are, you will always find a charge point nearby, thanks to the charging cards and Blink’s public network. So, you are always on the move!

At the office

More and more companies are opting to have their own charge points. These are efficient, innovative, and can be combined with favourable arrangements, such as, a split bill between employer and employee.