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The Groupe Sante CHC Signs 10-year EV Charging contract with Blue Corner

The Groupe Sante CHC, a leading healthcare group in Belgium, has signed a 10-year contract with Blue Corner for the installation and management of EV Chargers at 15 CHC healthcare centers in the Province of Liege, Belgium.

The agreement highlights a shared vision and focus on whole-person health and commitment to making communities healthier, as both organizations work together to reduce emissions and improve global health.

A shared vision and focus on whole-person health and commitment
to making communities healthier unify
The Groupe Sante CHC and Blue Corner


LIEGE, Belgium, February 27, 2023 – The Groupe Sante CHC, a leading healthcare group in Belgium, today signed a 10-year contract with Blue Corner for the installation and management of EV Chargers at 15 CHC healthcare centres in the Province of Liege, Belgium.

“Healthcare organizations are major employers and community leaders that are committed to public wellbeing and are often early adopters of employer best practices.” Olivier Van Schap, Managing Director Blue Corner said. “Climate change poses a significant threat to human health, but workplace EV charging infrastructure at healthcare industry leaders like The Groupe Sante CHC are helping employees, and visitors reduce emissions and improve global health. We are proud to be investing for CHC Group and make contributions to the health of their local communities.”

Alain Javaux, CEO of the Groupe Santé CHC said: “Blue Corner and the Groupe Santé CHC have joined forces to bring transformational technologies to our patients and our staff. We have a long history of excellence in healthcare innovation, and we continue to build on that legacy every day as we develop and deliver solutions that help patients and those who provide their care.” “These emissions reductions are particularly important for hospitals, as air quality issues are location specific, and reducing the tailpipe emissions of commuting employees, patients, and guests directly results in better local air quality.”

Blue Corner will make the initial investment to help put 62 EQ200 EV chargers in place at 15 locations in 2023, with 20 EQ200 chargers in place at their flagship Clinique CHC du MontLégia in Liège. Blue Corner will equally provide training and other logistical and maintenance services that will support the long-term availability of its EV charging points at the Groupe Santé CHC.

In the Blue Corner owner-operator model, the third-party real estate owner works with Blink, who then installs and operates the charging infrastructure at the owner’s site. The site host is not responsible for the EV charging station maintenance, utility coordination, or other operational costs. The Blue Corner owner-operator model allows businesses to do what they do best and not worry about unforeseen factors that come with operating an EV charger while still being able to offer EV charging at their location. Further, site hosts who partner with Blue Corner, using our owner-operator models, limit their financial risks.



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The Groupe Santé CHC is a fully integrated healthcare network that combines affiliated hospitals Saint-Joseph, Espérance and Saint-Vincent in Liege as well as CHC Hermalle, Heusy and Waremme, all located in Belgium. the Groupe Santé CHC also manages eight Elderly Care Centers, nine local Medical Care centers, one Psychiatric care center, a day care center and more operational services. The Groupe Santé CHC offers a complete range of care based on cutting edge medecine and equipments. It has 1,009 acute care beds and 707 beds in elderly care centers; the Group employs 5,600 people.

Blue Corner, founded 2011, focuses on smart 360° total solutions with subscriptions for business, private EV drivers and corporate partners. Our rapidly growing network has more than 15,000 charging points across Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. The Blue Corner public charging card opens up 250,000 charging points across Europe. Blue Corner currently has more than 100 staff and is headquartered in Antwerp.

Blue Corner is a Blink Charging Company (Nasdaq: BLNK, BLNKW), a world leader in EV charging equipment that designs, manufactures, owns and operates charging stations. Blink’s key products and services include the Blink EV charging network, EV charging equipment and EV charging services.

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