Blink charging does not rest on its laurels!

Gartner’s hype cycle

Electric driving has passed the peak of high expectations and is back on the road to enlightenment
That is to say: BLUE CORNER sees light at the e-tunnel.

Introducing new technology is not as easy as we would like. So, perceptive consultants at GARTNER once visualised the cycle of innovation. This piece of wisdom helps to put the slow introduction of electric driving in our region into perspective and keep our spirits up.

When BLUE CORNER pioneered the first public charge points in our region in 2011, everyone looked on with surprise and wondered what was the point. By 2017, times had fortunately changed quite dramatically. Just about every Belgian knows that electric driving is the technology of the near future and that hydrogen will also complement electric mobility within 10 years or so.

Electric driving has passed beyond the initial hype of high expectations and, in the coming months and years, the electric car will gradually enter the living room. Not literally… because those who do not have their own garage will be able to use a public charge point thanks to the concept ‘charge point follows car’. As crazy as this expression sounds, it means that anyone who does not have their own facility to charge that electric thing on four wheels can request a charge point in the public space.

BLUE CORNER has promoted this concept in Flanders and is now putting it into practice with the City of Antwerp.

Blue Corner anticipates that we will meet the 2020 CPT targets earlier in Antwerp by 2019 and that we can go even further. This will make Antwerp one of the core cities in Europe where sustainable electric mobility will be achieved with other core concepts, such as, multimodal transport and car sharing.