Blink charging does not rest on its laurels!

The best 5 locations to charge your electric car!

Nearly half of all prospective new car buyers are considering buying an electric vehicle.
There are many options for ‘refuelling’ electric vehicles.
But what are the most common charging locations?


Here are 5 of the most popular locations to charge your EV!

1.     Plugging in an electric vehicle at home

The majority of electric vehicle drivers charge their cars at home, a number that is projected to grow as more people buy EVs.
When you charge your car at home, you only pay for the power that you consume based on your electric company’s rates. And because instead of having to look for a gas station and wait in line, you can do whatever you like – work, sleep, play – while the car charges.


2.     Charging at work

Many electric car drivers prefer charging at home, but workplace charging isn’t far behind. Market research has found that 34% of EV drivers charge their cars at work and many more people would if the opportunity were available.

It’s reassuring to know that many forward-thinking companies are already meeting the needs of their workforce with EV charging and other eco-friendly initiatives.

People with EVs absolutely love workplace charging, and those who provide it are off to the races! It’s not only convenient but also a highly sought-after amenity.
Furthermore, not every employee of an EV driver has the luxury of charging at home – making workplace charging even more critical.


3.     Electric vehicle charging at gas stations

Convenient and accessible charging stations are important to electric vehicle drivers. Almost one-third of European EV drivers charge at a gas station, and about one-fifth want to but don’t have the opportunity. The availability of DC fast charging at many gas stations makes this a viable option. This type of charging provides batteries with an immediate charge rather than the hours needed to fully replenish a battery.


4.     The retail and hospitality industries

Electric vehicle drivers are now able to charge their cars wherever they go, including malls, theatres, hotels, and restaurants.  Most vehicles can charge about 20-25% in about an hour or two, so take advantage of the feature while you’re at your favourite shopping centre or gym. 26% of electric vehicle drivers charge their vehicles at supermarkets, while 22% do so while they’re shopping and dining at popular shopping malls and department stores.


5.     Charging in Public

31% of EV drivers in Europe use public chargers on a regular basis. They not only help meet the growing number of EVs on the road, but some also provide fast charging, which can reduce charging times and allow more cars to recharge.

Public charging is critical to the adoption of electric vehicles. As a result, one of the most difficult challenges that cities and governments are currently facing is keeping up with the growing number of EVs on the road. It is critical to ensure that there are enough charging stations available for all EVs in order to prepare the streets for tomorrow’s electrified transportation system.



Installing charging stations in homes, on roads, and in all types of businesses is critical to creating infrastructure that can support the growing adoption of EVs.
Check out how Blue Corner can assist with EV charging solutions at home, on the road and in the workplace!


EV driving will not only change the way we commute,
but it will also allow us to choose how and where we “recharge” our batteries.