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What is Smart Charging?

If you have several charge points and/or charging systems, the power you need can be considerable. You can use Blue Corner for Smart Charging to keep this within limits. In brief, we ensure that you use a limited amount of the total power to charge your electric cars optimally without ever exceeding that total power (that would otherwise cause irksome consequences).

What is Load Balancing?
Load balancing is the simplest form of Smart Charging. If you have multiple charge points, we can use load balancing to ensure that the available power is distributed evenly across the charge points that are currently being charged. To give a simple example, suppose you have 22 kW of power available and two installed charge points. If one car is charging, it has access to the full 22 kW. If a second car is docked, the Load Balancing system switches to 11 kW per charge point.

What is a Charge Network Controller (CNC)?
If you have multiple charge points on site, it is possible for all of the charge points to be managed remotely by communicating with the Blue Corner platform with one modem. So, the first charge point is a fully communicating (smart) charge point and the others (cheaper charge points without a modem) are linked to it. This saves on your monthly data subscription costs and all charge points can be managed and set up centrally. We call the first charger a Charge Network Controller. It is not only capable of streamlining all communications, it also has advanced Smart Charging capabilities that can intelligently control all charge points (both those on the Smart Charger and those on other chargers).

What is Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB)?
Dynamic Load Balancing offers a perfect solution when the available power for your charge points is highly dependent on the other power consumption (at home or at work). By constantly monitoring the other power consumption, the total power for the charge points is adjusted at all times so that the maximum power at your location is never exceeded!