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Maximizing Commercial Real Estate Value with EV Charging Infrastructure

Unlock the potential of your commercial real estate as we delve into the transformative world of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Imagine a landscape where your property’s value soars, attracting customers, clients, and top-tier employees. In this blog post, we explore the lucrative advantages of integrating EV charging solutions into European commercial properties, offering insights into revenue streams, property value enhancement, and future-proofing strategies. Discover why EV charging is the key to elevating your commercial real estate to new heights.

Experience a paradigm shift in commercial real estate as we unveil the unparalleled potential of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Across Europe, commercial real estate isn’t just an asset; it’s a powerhouse of value cutting across diverse sectors. Property owners and savvy investors are perpetually looking for innovative ways to skyrocket their property values, and the answer lies in seamlessly integrating EV charging infrastructure.



Who’s set to reap the rewards of Commercial EV Charging Infrastructure?

Picture this: a world where the value of almost every commercial property skyrockets. From vibrant shopping centers and boutique retail outlets to towering corporate office buildings and bustling healthcare facilities—EV charging possibilities are limitless. Whether it’s residential complexes, warehouse facilities, parking lots, or car parks, any property hosting tenants, leaseholders, or service providers can experience a substantial boost in value with the strategic integration of EV chargers.

Maximize the potential of your commercial real estate with cutting-edge EV charging solutions. Elevate your property’s worth to meet the growing demand for public services. The synergy is clear—EV charging is the key to unlocking unprecedented value in the world of commercial real estate.  Discover the top five ways in which embracing EV charging can transform the landscape of commercial real estate in Europe.


Five Advantages of EV Charging for European Commercial Real Estate

Explore Five Persuasive Grounds for Embedding EV Charging Stations in European Commercial Real Estate:


Attracting Customers, Clients, and Employees.

Attract a thriving customer base and top-notch talent by providing convenient EV charging solutions at your commercial property.  These drivers will actively seek out businesses providing charging facilities, particularly when vehicles are parked for extended periods. Commercial properties offering charging options will lure EV drivers away from establishments lacking such amenities.

Moreover, job seekers with EVs are more inclined to join companies facilitating vehicle charging during work hours.  In the competitive job market, businesses need innovative perks to attract the best employees. Installing EV chargers for commercial tenants could aid in attracting companies seeking this valuable amenity.


Creating Additional Revenue Streams

While EV charging stations can boost commercial lease renewals, they also provide supplementary revenue opportunities for public users. Particularly, retail and mixed-use commercial properties stand to gain by attracting drivers and monetizing parking spaces. Considering the current shortage of public chargers across a significant portion of Europe, commercial real estate owners could bridge this gap by integrating public chargers into their parking lots.

One of the notable advantages of commercial EV charging stations lies in their revenue potential. EV drivers tend to spend more time shopping at retail stores while their vehicles charge, enabling property managers to monetize parking spaces.


Increasing Property Value

Enhancements, such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure or smart technology, contribute to augmenting property value (and commercial rental rates). Businesses seeking modern workplaces prioritize commercial properties equipped with EV charging infrastructure. Similarly, potential buyers are drawn to properties equipped with EV charging facilities.

Reflect on the impact of EV charger installations in residential properties.  It’s evident that property buyers value EV-charging amenities and are willing to pay more for them.  Elevate the value of your commercial real estate by integrating EV charging stations, demonstrating a commitment to modern amenities and sustainability.


Future-Proofing Properties

As the global shift towards Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption accelerates, businesses face the potential of falling behind and forfeiting the benefits associated with installing charging infrastructure. Businesses must take proactive steps now, incorporating charging equipment, to ensure that their properties are well-positioned for the impending EV transition. Commercial tenants may increasingly require property managers to invest in EV charging as a component of their sustainability strategy during lease renewals.

By future-proofing properties with commercial EV charging stations and preparatory infrastructure, businesses can not only stay ahead of regulatory changes but also showcase their leadership in corporate sustainability. This strategic approach not only aligns with the evolving landscape of transportation but also positions businesses as forward-thinking and environmentally responsible entities in the eyes of both tenants and regulators.


Positioning as an Environmental Leader

Integrating EV charging stations at commercial properties contributes to enhancing corporate image and marketing efforts. Consumers are progressively seeking environmentally conscious companies. Reports suggest a substantial increase in online searches for sustainable goods, indicating a growing consumer trend towards eco-friendly practices. Another study found that a significant percentage of global consumers prioritize sustainability when selecting brands and are willing to alter their purchasing behavior to mitigate environmental impact. Consumers actively seek out sustainable companies, and EV charging equipment serves as a visible indicator of leading environmental efforts.


Selecting Charging Stations

EV charging infrastructure presents an excellent investment opportunity for commercial properties in Europe to enhance value, future-proof amenities, attract employees and customers for tenants, and foster lease renewals. However, determining the most suitable EV chargers for commercial properties requires consideration of various factors.

There are two primary options to choose from:

  • Level 2 chargers
  • Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFCs)

The choice between these options depends on factors such as technical and legal feasibility, your budget, available power supply, and the nature of businesses leasing your property.


In general, commercial property owners in Europe tend to opt for Level 2 chargers like the Blink EQ 200 charger.  Designed with flexibility in mind, to fit any location with its compact form and multiple installation options. This three-phase AC charging station produces a powerful 32 amps of output. It offers a simplified management experience with networked remote support for configuration, maintenance, and hassle-free control of the charging station. With an innovative modular design, this charging station can be tailored to the specific needs of the market segment.





On the other hand, DC fast chargers the Blink HYC50, Blink HYC150 and Blink HYC400 can charge a vehicle in less than an hour. DCFCs offer rapid charging but necessitate additional electrical infrastructure not typically available at regular workplaces. DCFCs are typically found near rest stops, highways, or fleet-centered locations where drivers do not stay for extended periods.





As the transition to electric vehicles gains momentum, commercial properties are poised to become primary destinations for drivers seeking electrical power for their vehicles. Now is the opportune time to future-proof your European commercial real estate.
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