EV services

Smart services for managing your charger.
Blink offers a lot of additional services that can help you get a lot more out of your charging systems. Connect to the Blink platform to easily and conveniently manage your charge point. Discover the options of our reimbursement services and ICT support. Or, choose smart usage management for more efficient, safer, and faster charging.

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Web portal

A personal web portal to easily manage your charge point

Keeping track of all of your charging sessions? With our clearly laid out user portal, you can easily manage and configure your charging system. As soon as you connect, you get real-time insight into your charging data, such as, kWh consumption and costs. You also get a detailed overview of all sessions for which you have used your charging card.

Are you an business person? Then our user portal will help with your bookkeeping. You can use this portal to immediately download customised reports for your administration or tax return. You can also add or remove users, view the consumption per charging session, and set fees.

All of the advantages of our web portal:

  • real-time visibility into charging data (kWh usage and costs)
  • detailed overview of charging card usage
  • download custom reports for your administration
  • monthly cost statement for consumption included


If you drive a company car, the electricity you charge at home can also be reimbursed by your employer.

The Blink services offer 3 options for this:

  • Expense claim:
    use your personal portal to easily submit a monthly overview of the kWh you charged using your home charger. This overview can serve as a basis for the expense claim you submit to your employer.
  • Employer reimbursement:
    Blink submits the overview of your home charging sessions directly to your employer. Your employer will then reimburse you.
  • Blink reimbursement:
    Blink refunds the amount of home charging directly into your bank account every month and settles it with your employer at an agreed upon fee.

Smart Charging network

Maximising the use of available power

When a large number of cars must be charged when there is only limited power available, it is best to have a smart charging network installed. This smart charging system ensures that the charging systems make optimal use of the available power of a building or a site according to the demand of the cars.

It is also an important tool for avoiding ‘peak capacity’. This is how Smart charging ensures you do not incur any unnecessary costs.

You can use Blink smart charging in two ways:

  • Static:
    A maximum amount of power consumption is determined that the system does not exceed.
  • Dynamic:
    The system takes into account real-time consumption in the building or at the site as well as locally generated electricity. The available power is then distributed between the cars.

Want to know more about smart charging? Then be sure to consult one of our EV experts.

Commercial operation

Earn money with your charge points? Yes, you can! Blink supports companies in the development of their own earnings model.

You determine the price ‘at the pump’. When visitors to your car park or site charge at your charging system, they will pay the price you set.

Want to know more about all of the commercial operation options? Then be sure to consult one of our EV experts.

Maintenance & technical interventions

Just like any other electronic device, a charge point must be maintained. Take out a maintenance contract with Blink and we will handle the maintenance of your charging system.

Our Blink technicians provide preventive annual maintenance. This is how we extend the service life of your charge point and you can be sure of its optimal and safe operation.

This maintenance includes:

  • Visually inspecting the entire unit
  • Cleaning of interior and exterior
  • Checking the electronic components
  • Testing the fuse
  • Testing the communication of the charge point with an electric car
  • Thermographic inspection

A maintenance contract gives you the luxury and comfort of free on-site technical support in the event of a breakdown.

Want to request a maintenance service or contract? Then be sure to consult one of our EV experts.

Customer service & support

Our specialists are available 24/7 to answer all of your questions about electric charging and to offer you the most suitable solution. Take out a support contract and you can contact Blink day and night for technical support.

Our staff can remotely access chargers and organise services, such as, a back-office connection, reimbursement of home charging sessions, or guest consumption.

With a support contract, you are also assured of free on-site technical support in the event of a breakdown.

Want to know more about our support contracts? Then be sure to consult one of our EV experts.