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Blink Charging EV Charge Card

The Blink charging card gives access to all Blink charge points as well as a lot of other public charge points throughout Europe.

Blink has interoperability agreements with the major players in the charge point market. This means that we enter into partnerships with as many European players as possible. This interoperability provides Blink with a large charging network. As a Blink customer, you can use many charge points of other brands.

Blink ensures that you can charge anywhere in Europe with the Blink charging card.

All prices include VAT

Blink Charger

Subscription Type Subscription(Yearly Fee) AC DC
Starter € - € 0.58/kWh € 0.74/kWh
Fan € 59 € 0.54/kWh € 0.65/kWh
Addict € 129 € 0.53/kWh € 0.62/kWh
Rotation Fee*(p/Minute) € 0.03 € 0.25

*Rotation rate : The rate you pay at Blink charge points once your car is fully charged but the charging session has not yet ended. In this way we hope to encourage you to free up the public charger for the next driver. The rotation charge is only charged between 08:00 and 20:00.

All prices include VAT

Other Charger Operator

All subscriptions € 0.64/kWh € 0.79/kWh
Transaction Fee**(p/session) € 0.50 € 0.50

**Transaction charge : A one-off charge per charging session at a different operator's charger.

You can easily apply for a charge card via EVA, your new EV assistant.

See how to apply for and activate a charge card here!

You can activate the charge card immediately upon receipt and link it to your desired subscription. Want to know more about ordering and activating your charge card?
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Charge anywhere in Europe thanks to Blink

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Our European network of charge points is growing rapidly partly due to strong partnerships with leading companies.

You can always find a Blink charge point near you!

As you can see, our network is very extensive. So, you can go anywhere with your charging card.
So, you can always take to the road worry-free!