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Newsletter: Electrifying News from Blink: February Update

Welcome to February, where the energy is electrifying and the news is buzzing!
We’re thrilled to connect with our cherished community of EV enthusiasts and share the latest updates that are set to revolutionize your driving experience.





Hi EV Driver!

February is bringing a burst of energy, and we can’t wait to share the latest and greatest news with our favourite community of EV enthusiasts.


Making Waves: Blink in the news

Guess who’s been causing a stir in the headlines lately? You guessed it – it’s us at Blink! We’ve been turning heads, and it’s all thanks to the combined effort to enhance your EV experience.


We’re on a mission to make your EV journey even smoother, and the latest step in our adventure takes us to Massenhoven! In a recent press release, we proudly announced the expansion of our EV infrastructure at the Hoppin point P+R Massenhoven
👉 Check out the full details here.



Hold onto your steering wheel – the charging capacity in the Antwerpse Parking car park facilities just got a major upgrade!
In a recent announcement, we revealed that we’ve doubled the charging capacity, ensuring more spots for you to power up hassle-free.
👉 Get the full scoop here.


Picture this: charging your EV amidst the chic ambience of McArthurGlen Designer Outlets in Roermond and Roosendaal! We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration!
👉 Catch all the details here.



It’s all part of our commitment to making your charging experience seamless and stress-free. We want you to enjoy the convenience of charging whenever you need it, wherever you go.  Get ready for more exciting news because we’re just getting started and there’s a lot more to come!


Buckle up for some thrilling updates from the heart of Antwerp!


We’re over the moon to share the latest on our project to revamp the DC chargers in the city, making your charging experience smoother and speedier than ever.

We’re replacing a total of 11 outdated chargers to ensure you get the best in charging technology. These chargers are not your average ones – they’re the first of their kind in Belgium.  With a capability of 100 km per half-hour charge, they’re setting a new standard for fast and efficient charging. Antwerp gets the privilege of being the first to experience the power! 👉 Take a look at the details in this press release!



Drive Confidently: Conquer EV Range Anxiety, Embrace Range Confidence

Worried about your EV battery running low while you’re on the road? Don’t sweat it! Dive into our latest blog to discover how cutting-edge tech and charging stations alleviate range concerns, ensuring smooth sailing on every drive.  Ready to hit the road worry-free? Jump in and ignite your electric journey now! Grab your coffee and give it a read!
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Stay charged and stay tuned for more exciting developments as we electrify the streets!
Here’s to more miles, more smiles, and a greener planet together!

Your Blink team!