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Blink Charging Installs Fast Chargers In Oudenburg Carpool Lot, Marking Their Third Installation In Belgium.

Blink Charging has inaugurated two fast chargers and one slow charger at the carpool parking area near exit 5b of the A10 in Oudenburg, marking a significant step towards enhancing the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. This development is part of a broader initiative to support the growing number of electric vehicles in Belgium, aiming to facilitate sustainable mobility and meet the increasing demand for accessible EV charging options.


Oudenburg, February 26, 2024 – Blink Charging has installed two fast chargers and a slow charger at the carpool parking near exit 5b of the A10 in Oudenburg.

The two new ‘DC’ or fast chargers have a charging power of 300 kW each and can accommodate up to six electric vehicles simultaneously. With 15 minutes of charging, a DC charger can provide an EV with up to 300 km of range. Additionally, a ‘slow’ charger with 22 kW of charging power can power an EV’s range by up to 120 km in one hour.

Previously, Blink Charging had installed charging infrastructure at two carpool parking lots managed by the Belgium Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV). These Blink Charging points at Massenhoven and Grobbendonk have been operational since December and January, respectively. Later this year, two more carpool lots will be equipped with charging facilities.


Olivier Van Schap - Managing Director Blink Charging Belgium
Olivier Van Schap – Managing Director Blink Charging Belgium

Olivier Van Schap, Managing Director of Blink Charging Belgium, states, “Due to the rapid increase in electric vehicles, additional fast chargers along the highways are crucial. Last year, the number of electric vehicles in our country doubled, and we expect that number to double again by the end of this year.”






Romina Vanhooren – Mayor Oudenburg

Mayor Romina Vanhooren observes, “We see that more and more residents of our city are driving electric vehicles, and because of that, more charging stations are needed. De council of Oudenburg signed the local Energy and Climate Pact some time ago. By 2030, we want to have 1.5 public charging stations in place per 100 residents. These new Blink Charging chargers are welcomed so we can stimulate sustainable mobility in our city.”





Head of the Roads and Traffic department in West Flanders, Humberto Van Nunen, states, “On the initiative of the Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works, the Agency for Roads and Traffic is fully committed to the renovation of its parking and service areas along the highways. Fast chargers at these locations lower the threshold for drivers to switch to electric vehicles.”


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