Blink charging does not rest on its laurels!

Blink Charging installs fast chargers at Hoppin Point Hechtel-Eksel, fourth of five AWV sites

28 May 2024, Hechtel-Eksel – Blink Charging has installed two fast chargers at the Hoppin point ‘Hechtel-Kruispunt’, at the intersection between Peerderbaan and Lommelsebaan in Hechtel-Eksel.

At a Hoppin point, you can easily transfer between public transport, car and bicycle. The Hechtel-Kruispunt Hoppin Point opened in September 2022 and has, among other things, 95 parking spaces.

The new ‘DC’ or fast chargers have a capacity of 300 kW, and together account for four charging points. With a power of 300 kW, you can charge up to 300 km of range in fifteen minutes. In addition to the fast charger, Blink Charging also installed a slow charger with two connectors, each with a capacity of 22 kW.

Blink managing director Olivier v. Schap with Mayor Jan Dalemans and Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works, Lydia Peeters.

Blink Charging has already installed charging infrastructure at three other carpool car parks of the Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV). Massenhoven and Grobbendonk opened in December and January, with Oudenburg following in February. Later this year, there will be one last carpool parking, in Jabbeke.

“In 2023, the number of electric cars in our country will have doubled, and this strong growth is expected to continue for several more years,” says Olivier Van Schap, Managing Director of Blink Charging Belgium. “With the fast chargers, people can fully charge the battery in a short time, which is convenient, especially if there is no charger available at home or at work.”