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Newsletter: In 2024, a new change is coming for electric cars in Belgium!

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In 2024, a new change is coming for electric cars in Belgium!






Hi EV Driver!

Charging at home has become the go-to method for many to power their electric vehicles efficiently. However, with this convenient home charging point also comes responsibilities. We’d like to inform you about this new obligation for home charging stations.

Starting from January 1, 2024, individuals in Belgium are required to register their home charging point with their network operator.


Why is this registration obligation so important?

The demand for electricity in our country has significantly increased, leading to more load-shedding plans. By registering your charging point, you help network operators better understand the strain on the electricity grid. This enables them to make timely adjustments and reduce the risk of disruptions.


Important to note:

While this registration requirement has existed for some time in Flanders and Wallonia, there has been some leniency. However, from 2024, this tolerance will no longer apply.


What does this new law specifically entail?
The rule applies across Belgium, but the specific entities vary by region.

  • In the Flemish Region, employees must register their home charging point with a capacity of 5 kVA or more, connected to the low-voltage network, with the network operator Fluvius.
  • In the Walloon Region, all network users with a charging point must inform the network operator. In Wallonia, various network operators are active, such as ORES, covering 75% of the area, and RESA, the operator in the province of Liège. Other operators in the Walloon Region include AIEG, AIESH, and REW.
  • After careful consideration, it has been decided that from January 1, 2024, individuals in the Brussels-Capital Region must also register their charging stations. The network operator there is Sibelga.


What happens if you don’t register your charging point?
Individuals who fail to comply with this registration requirement risk an administrative fine of 250 euros. So, registering your charging station is highly recommended.


Not sure how to register?

It’s very simple! For Flanders, you can find information on the Fluvius website.

You can find the forms for the various Walloon network managers here:


When you have had a Blink Charging charging station installed, you can fill in the following information when asked for the installer’s details:


We hope this update has kept you well-informed about these new developments. Let’s collaborate towards an excellent future for electric cars!


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