Hi! We are Blink.

Blink is 100% Belgian and has been a pioneer of electric charging since 2011.
Together, we want to build a sustainable society and be ready for the driver of tomorrow. We do this every day by providing charging solutions that allow you to charge your electric vehicle at home, at work, or on the road.

Blink joined forces with the Blink Charging group in 2021 to jointly achieve our ambitious growth plans. This will enable us to grow into a leading player in the European EV market in the short term.

We will continue to focus on innovation. In the future, we want to play a major role in the total energy management for households and businesses. Our slogan applies more than ever: “Wherever you are with your electric car, we can help you!” In Belgium and now far beyond. We do this with an ambitious and driven team of over thirty EV believers!

Any questions? Our experts are ready to help you!

Discover our smart solutions and ride the Blink Wave

Blink makes electric driving easy Our network is growing fast, so you can charge your electric vehicle anywhere: at home, on the road, and at work. Add to that extensive services and customised subscriptions and you get a smart and sustainable 360° solution. The Blink Wave is getting stronger… join us!

Ready to drive electric? Then you’re making a smart choice! Electric mobility is not only very sustainable, it also has a positive economic impact. Every day, more and more people are switching to electric vehicles, both professionals and consumers. Of course, this requires an appropriate infrastructure and the right services. At Blink, we constantly work on this. You will find our charge points in more and more places.

Blink stands behind a new vision of mobility. It is suitable for every user at any time of the day. For example, you leave in the morning after charging at home. You arrive at work where you also find charge points. On the road in the weekend? Feel free to charge your car at the shopping mall, hotel, on the street… You will notice that detours to find a charge point are a thing of the past! This is the new reality that Blink is living up to.

Electric driving is a smart choice.
Blink offers complete solutions that are just as smart with a fast-growing charging network and customised subscriptions.

At Blink, we make electric driving interesting for everyone.

We offer smart 360° solutions customised to your specific needs. As a consumer, you can charge your car a lot faster with your own charge point. As a professional, you can make a particularly favourable arrangement with your employer thanks to the ‘split bill’. So, there are numerous advantages for every type of user. This is something that more and more people are taking advantage of.

We are not building our fast-growing charging network on our own. The community of Blink partners is growing just as fast: from car brands to lease companies and installers. Numerous location partners also find their way to Blink: car parks, hotels, shops… Then there is our rapidly growing customer base of drivers and fleet owners: there are more and more of them and they do not want to go back to the old way. Together with them, we are fully committed to electric mobility.